Savanta Pharmaceutical Analysis Consultancy
Savanta Pharmaceutical Analysis Consultancy

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Examples of areas where Dave Murphy can provide analytical chemistry consultancy services are:-

  • method development and validation for synthetic intermediates and the final drug substance
  • supporting solid state characterisation studies, salt form selection and polymorph screening of drug substance
  • pre-formulation and excipient compatibility studies
  • development and validation of methods for a wide range of formulated products
  • troubleshooting analytical method problems
  • supporting the development of formulations for toxicology studies and clinical use
  • supporting investigations into synthetic impurities and degradation products
  • chemical stressing, short term and long term ICH stability studies and shelf life setting
  • generation of batch analysis data, certificates of analysis and stability summaries
  • reference standard characterisation
  • setting specifications for drug substance and formulated products
  • release testing of materials for pre-clinical and clinical use
  • support in the preparation of CMC regulatory documents

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Pharmaceutical analysis consultancy
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Pharmaceutical analysis consultancy
Pharmaceutical analysis consultancy